What cities does RideCentric serve?

  1. RideCentric proudly provides chauffeured services in 67 countries and more than 600 cities around the globe

What services are available through RideCentric?

  1. Full service global chauffeured ground transportation (sedans, SUV, vans, limos, specialty vehicles, mini buses, and motor coaches)
  2. Small to large group meeting and event coordination
  3. Full service destination management

How do I make a reservation online?

  1. You will need an online profile setup through our reservations department. Once setup, log onto RideCentric.com and click on the "start booking" button

What are flat rates?

1. Flat rates are set rates based on a predetermined route. Flat rates are common between heavily traveled destinations such as Major Airports to City Centers

What is the base fare?

1. The base fare is the minimum charge for any ride before discounts or additional charges are calculated

What is travel time?

1. Travel time is the time it takes us to position a chauffeur and vehicle for a reservation that is not within our normal travel area. It is sometimes called garage to garage time, as it covers the cost of the vehicle and chauffeur to get to the desired pickup location from our garage facility

What is wait time and how is calculated?

1. Wait time is the time a chauffeur has to standby beyond the 15 minute grace period allowed for transfers and point to point reservations
2. Wait time is calculated in 30 minute increments and varies by vehicle type. This charge is in addition to the regular fare for the ride

What are stop charges?

1. Stop charges are incurred when a transfer or point to point trip has an additional stop on the way to the final destination

How are tolls handled?

1. Tolls that are incurred during pickup and drop off (including the chauffeurs return trip) will be passed through on your final invoice

Why are parking charges included on my invoice?

1. In some instances RideCentric may have purchased parking on your behalf at your request, or may have incurred parking fees in the course of your reservation. These charges will be added on your final invoice and may include an administrative fee if applicable

What is a fuel surcharge?

1. The fuel surcharge is a percentage added to the base rate to offset the fluctuating cost of fuel. This charge varies by vehicle type and the prevailing rate will be determined monthly based on the Department of Energy weekly U.S. Regular Reformulated Retail Gasoline published at www.eia.doe.gov

My rate was quoted "all inclusive" why are there additional charges on my bill?

1. All quotes are estimated "all inclusive" based on the following:
1. Base Rate + Gratuity + STC (administrative charges) + Fuel Surcharge + Regulatory Fee (a onetime charge added to the total of each ride to cover airport, city, and county fees)
2. Additional charges for parking, tolls, special requests, wait time, and other miscellaneous charges will be added separately at the conclusion of the ride

How is the gratuity handled?

1. A 20% gratuity is typical for the chauffeured services industry. As a convenience, RideCentric adds 20% of the base rate to each reservation as gratuity to the chauffeur. This suggested gratuity may be lowered, raised, or eliminated based on the service you receive

Why am I charged for taxes?

1. We are required by law to collect taxes where tax is applicable. Currently, sales tax is applied in New York, New Jersey and Georgia, as well as in selected cities and most international destinations

What options are available for getting information on completed rides and invoices?

RideCentric offers access to your trip information by any of the following methods
1. Receipts will automatically be emailed upon ride closeout
2. Call our office to request a receipt
3. Email your request
4. Access via our website (please call our office for login credentials)
5. Access our reporting site at: reports.ridecentric.com (please call our office for logon credentials)
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