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Transportation Management by RideCentric

Proudly Serving 67 Countries

Corporate Travel

RideCentric and iDesignMeetings offer you a one-stop shop for destination management, event planning and chauffeured transportation. Any vehicle. Any event. Anywhere in the world! Transportation Services (in 67 countries around the world):

  • 24 hour centralized support
  • Armored car service
  • Road Show
  • Private aviation ground
  • Airport transfers
  • Tours
  • Dine arounds
  • Sporting events

Event Transportation

Usually the first touch and last impression of your event; transportation is a critical element of the overall experience. Our dedicated team of professional transportation managers and dispatchers will guide through the maze of options. We’ll and help you make educated decisions that ensure your transportation service is flawless.

  • 24 hour centralized support
  • Dine arounds
  • Group arrival/departure
  • Off site tour
  • Manifest management
  • Convention shuttles
  • On-site management
  • Citywide events

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available upon 24 hrs. Advance request.

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About Us

Behind A Great Business Lies A Well Thought Formula.

Our formula is simple: great passion, dedication, and attention to details in what we do. Ridecentric provides an exceptional
experience for all travelers. With decades of experience, we are uniquely qualified to manage all aspects of ground
transportation and meeting planning. Have a special need or request? It is our pleasure to design a bespoke experience.


We are a people-centric team designing simplified hospitality solutions with value and peace of mind


Encompassing all RideCentric team members and our esteemed service partners.


Your comprehensive partner - at your service.


Humanizing our brand | our bottom line is people & our relationships.


We’re here to be the answer not the problem.


We function as an extension of our clients’ brands.


“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”

- Warren Buffet


Innovatively making processes easier.

Peace of Mind

A state of mental and emotional calmness, with no worries, fears or stress.


We will continuously evolve to be a leader in hospitality; providing innovative convenience solutions with value and peace of mind.

Company Values



Our team of professionals are passionate about people and have a love for the hospitality industry.



Striving to do the right thing by creating an atmosphere of trust, openness, confidentiality, and accountability.


Empower People

Empower those around you. Share what you know and attempt to make those around you better than yourself. Give those around you respect, responsibility, and control over their own tools so that they can begin to create and innovate for themselves. Lead by example.


Community Service

We will be stewards of the communities we serve. Our organization will encourage and provide time for community involvement and volunteerism.


Ethical Conduct

Our affairs will be conducted in a manner that fosters loyalty and trust. We will be honest and fair in our actions, always acting out of care and concern for others. We will uphold our reputation to the highest morale standards and always be accountable for our actions.

Values are the Core Piece of our Foundation


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